Choosing The Right Site For Your Propane Tank

25 May 2017
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Switching to propane can be a great action to take for your home fueling needs. However, the tank, especially if it will be above ground, needs to be placed very carefully. You want it close to your house so that delivery lines don't have to be too long, but you want it far enough away so that leaks are less of a risk to you. There are other considerations, too, if you want to find the optimal spot. Here are four tips for choosing the perfect place. 


Any landscaping in the area has to be kept away from the tank so that the company refilling it has room to do their job. You also don't want tree roots upending the platform on which the aboveground tank sits, or wrapping around and crushing lines from an underground tank. Pests also like to hide in long grass, which can create problems if a bunch of them decide to set up a home in the grass by the tank. Finally, you don't want the tank near anything that will be cut with a high-powered tool like a weed whacker; the strings can damage the tank supports.

Truck Access

As mentioned, the truck carrying the propane for your refill needs to be able to reach the tank. In addition to being careful about what landscaping goes around the tank, ensure that the entrance to your yard is big enough for the refilling company to reach the tank. Stepping stones and gravel pathways could be crushed up more if the truck has to drive over them repeatedly, so try to keep a clear path to the tank with little on the ground except dirt and close-cut grass.

Yards as Playgrounds

If you have children who regularly use the yard as a playground, you need to cordon off the aboveground tank so that the kids can't get to it and play on it. Sturdy tanks that don't look like they're going to fall over are big temptations for kids, and you can't take the chance that one might fall off the tank. Place the tank somewhere where either the kids can't get to it, or you can build a large fence around it to keep the children out.

Additional Utilities and Drainfields

Heavy aboveground propane tanks can't be placed too close to a septic tank because then the septic company might not be able to reach the septic tank. Plus, the weight of the full propane tank and concrete pad could compress the soil near the septic tank, causing some damage. Keep the tanks separated by a good distance. Also be aware of underground utilities when you start to dig a spot for the concrete pad.

When you arrange for a propane tank to be installed, have a company representative come out to help you find a site. The representative will know how much room the delivery trucks and maintenance techs need and will be able to suggest some spots. For more information, contact a business such as Southall Gas LLC