Tips For Strong Compliance Management

25 May 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


Setting up a great corporate compliance policy is tough to do and even tougher to guarantee. Here are some ways to make your compliance management efforts more successful. 

Choose the Right Compliance Management Tools

Compliance management tools make life much easier for managers. The right compliance management tools allow you to track key data within a single platform to ensure that all departments of your business are meeting corporate standards. You can gain valuable information about past safety incidents, risk management policies, contracts, and other efforts of your compliance management. 

Keep Data Integrity

Hire a data integrity specialist to ensure that data is being reported in a fair and accurate way across the business. In the best cases, a single specialist oversees data integrity across departments so that there are no data integrity silos, where one set of data is more accurate than others. If you are testing for compliance to federal regulations, find out their standards for testing data integrity and play to those standards. 

Let Employees Know What's Expected of Them

If your employees don't know what standards they are being held to for helping uphold business policies, they can't act on them. There are many ways to train employees for compliance management. Seminars and supervisor reviews are good instances to talk about corporate policies. When you use training materials, make sure that employees can access copies for later reference. Ideally, these will include both visual and auditory iterations of key policies, since different employees will process the information differently. And periodic reviews of compliance in different departments is important for making sure that you don't have discrepancies throughout the company. 

Do Periodic Reviews of Data

There is no substitute for a human eye on your compliance management tools and documents. Data and policy reviews on a regular basis, as well as audits of company performance in different compliance measures, is something that you should do before it comes time for an audit. Keeping a tight ship will help you avoid failing to comply with government or self-imposed standards. 

Change Courses As Needed

While you don't want to continuously shift the direction of employees and redefine what's expected of them, it's natural to have small policy changes that lead you in the direction of better compliance. Make sure to put controls in place to test whether the changes to policy are actually having the intended effect. 

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