Adding Some Fun In The Bedroom: 3 Tips To Keeping Adult Toys Clean

12 June 2017
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In the past, women were hesitant to bring toys into the bedroom; however, adult toys can really spice things up, which is probably why the adult toy industry rakes in approximately $15 billion a year. There are many varieties of toys that are designed to fulfill every fantasy and designed to cater to every need. Regardless of the type of toy that you choose to introduce to your bedroom, it's vital that you know how to keep your toys clean. This article will look at 3 tips that you should know about.

Wrap the Toys with a Condom

Some adult toys can be difficult to clean, particularly those with electric cords attached to them. One way to make it easy to clean the toys later on is to simply use a condom with them. The condoms will prevent fluids from getting into the nooks and crannies of the adult toys. These areas can be particularly difficult to clean. Even if you give the toys a good scrub, there's a good chance that some residual fluids may be stuck in the crevices.

On top of keeping your toys clean, the condoms also give you a clean surface to work with. It's not a surprise that bacteria and moisture can creep into the pores of porous toys. If you use a condom on the toys, you won't have to worry about exposure to these bacteria and germs. In addition, the condoms act like a barrier between you and the toys. If you're worried about being exposed to the chemicals from the toy, the condoms will protect you from them.

Make Sure to Rinse the Toy Properly to Get Rid of Any Soap Residues

Even if you decide to use a condom with the toys, you'd still probably want to give the toys a good rinse with some soap. Most experts recommend using a toy cleaner, which is usually a safe alcohol and paraben-free spray. If not, liquid hand soap or even a mild dish soap is also a good cleaning agent for getting your adult toys clean. Regardless of the type of cleaning agent that you use to clean the toys, you need to be particularly careful when rinsing the soap off.

Your vagina has a natural pH that can be easily disrupted by exposure to soap. If you neglect to rinse off even mild soap, the soap can irritate your privates and eliminate natural and healthy bacterial flora. Unwanted bacterial flora will then have an opportunity to creep into your privates and cause a mess. To prevent that from happening, it's vital that you rinse your toys with warm water carefully.

Store Them in a Safe and Clean Place After the Fun

To keep your toys clean, you must find a safe and clean place to store them after using them to start up some fun in the bedroom. Avoid tossing your toys in a drawer with other toys or with random clothing. It's a good idea to designate a specific space for your toys that is away from your clothing and other items. This will reduce the chances of your toys being exposed to bacteria and germs. You also want to make sure that your toys won't pick up lint and other particles.

It's best to keep your toys wrapped in silk or in a silk bag. The silk is breathable, so it will prevent moisture from accumulating on the surface of the toys. In addition, the silk will not shed any small fibers onto the toys.


Keeping your toys clean should be of top priority. If you fail to do so, the bacteria that has accumulated on the toys can easily transfer to your privates and cause quite a ruckus.

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