Create Homemade Embossed Birthday Cards

11 July 2017
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If you would like to create homemade embossed birthday cards for family and friends, the following tips will describe how to make cards with a computer, printer, and basic craft materials. Homemade cards will provide loved ones with cherished keepsakes that can be displayed on a mantelpiece or inside of a photo album. 


  • computer
  • cardstock
  • printer 
  • newspaper sheets
  • embossing ink
  • ink pad
  • paintbrushes (various widths)
  • embossing powder (several colors)
  • heating tool or hair dryer
  • permanent markers
  • acrylic craft spray

Design A Template And Make Copies

Visit a website that will allow you to create a template on a blank background. Consider using bold letters and patterns when creating a template so that the cards will stand out. If you would like to create several designs to provide each card with a unique appearance, create one template at a time and save each one before creating a new one. Use a laser or inkjet printer to print copies  of the template onto pieces of cardstock. 

Add Ink And Powder To Each Card

If you designed the cards to be folded in half, form a crease in the center of each one. Otherwise, lay the cards flat, on top of a newspaper-covered table. Saturate a new ink pad with embossing ink. Press the bristles on a paintbrush into the ink until the bristles are evenly coated with ink. Use the paintbrush to apply embossing ink to letters or designs that you would like to emboss on one of the cards. Add more ink to the paintbrush as needed.

Sprinkle an even layer of embossing powder onto the ink-covered sections. Gently shake the card to remove excess powder. Use a heating tool or hair dryer to melt the powder that is stuck to the ink. Move either heating device back and forth over the powder-covered sections until they each have a raised and smooth appearance. Use a permanent marker to outline embossed sections.

Apply Acrylic Craft Spray

Apply a light coating of acrylic craft spray over the embossed parts of the card. While applying the spray, hold the can's nozzle several inches away from the cardstock so that the spray does not drip as it is being applied. Wait for the spray to dry before handling the card. The spray will preserve the embossed sections. Apply embossing ink and powder to the remaining cards. Again, melt the embossing powder with a heating tool or hair dryer and outline letters before applying a coat of acrylic craft spray to the embossed areas on each card. 

If the cards that you made are a hit with each recipient, print out more copies of each template and create a new supply of cards to give to other people who you care about.