No Mudding Around! How to Remove Mud from Your Carpet

17 July 2017
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If your kids and pets seem to think that the inside of your house is the appropriate place to play with and track mud you are going to want to act quickly to get the mud out of your carpet to ensure that it doesn't do any permanent damage to your carpet.

#1 Pick it Up

The best thing to do if you see mud on your carpet is to pick it up. Ideally, you should use a spoon or spatula to pick up the mud. A spoon will allow you to scoop the mud up off the carpet and lift it away with grounding it up any further into the carpet and creating a bigger mess.

You can try to pick up the mud with your hands, but that may be a little messy and if the mud is still wet, that could create a bigger mess if any of it slips out of your hands. Try to use a tool and have a bag handy to put the mud into so you can remove it in as clean and as efficient a manner as possible from your carpet.

#2 Get Rid of the Moisture

The thing with mud is that it doesn't just bring dirt into your home, it also brings in dirty water as well. You are going to want to get rid of as much of the moisture that the mud leaves behind as well after you have remove the big chunks of mud. Use a paper towel to gently blot at the area and hopefully absorb as much of the muddy water that was left behind on your carpet as possible. If you do this quickly, you should be able to remove most of it.

#3 Vacuum the Area

Now it is time to vacuum the area. Even if you can still see a stain, you are going to want to vacuum the area at this stage in the process. This will help ensure that any lingering dirt that is loose is picked up and removed from the carpet before it can get ground further into the carpet. This will also allow you to really see if you still have a stain that you need deal with.

#4 Use a Little Dish Soap

If after vacuuming you can still see a stain on your carpet, but a little dot of dish soap on a wet rag and clean the area with the wet, soap rag. The soap should help dislodge any remaining dirt from the carpet and pull it up and away from the carpet fibers.

#5 Use Vinegar as a Last Resort

If there is still a stain on your carpet, white vinegar should be your last resort. You'll want to put a little vinegar on a rag, and then use that rag to bolt and clean the area where the stain is. Vinegar is really effective at removing stains from carpet; however, it is odorous and can damage some carpet, so always spot test before using vinegar on your carpet. If you do clean with vinegar, go back over the area with a wet rag to clean up and remove any remaining vinegar and vacuum the area again as well.

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