Three Points To Learn About A New Team's Dynamics

25 January 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog


Getting work done on a team is what all team leaders want, but the dynamics of how that work gets done matters to the entire team. Understanding team dynamics can be difficult when you have to be concerned about deadlines, client calls, and keeping all of the parts of the team running together. Calling in a business consultant who can take a look at the way that a company is running both logically and psychologically will help leaders make better choices for their team building. Here are three points to learn about a team's dynamics through an assessment. 

If anyone is fading into the background

As a company, everyone can be an all-star. As the leader of the team, everyone must be a moving part in the machine. If there are team members or roles that are falling into the background and not being used to their fullest potential, you should correct this issue immediately. Take another look at the roles that are currently fading into the background and the personality of those who work in the role. Use this assessment to shine a light on the role and help bring that team member to a more stand out position. 

Determine if certain teams have no communication

Especially if you work for a large corporation, you will need to make sure that all of the teams have proper communication channels with one another. This is an immediate need if you lead a multifunctional team for projects that depend on people from a number of different departments. Have a consultant look at the current channels of communication and the length of time it takes to complete projects. Having an objective eye look at the facts will let you know if you need to increase communication between team members and how to appropriately facilitate the changes. 

Find out if you are clear and concise

All members of a team take their cues from the leader. If you tend to be disorganized, your team will be disorganized. If you tend to be overwhelmed, your team will also feel the effects. Have a leadership evaluation of your skills to determine if you are being clear about your expectations and effective with your leadership will allow you to make the changes you need to yourself first. Team leaders with introspect about their own actions are respected by their employees and learn how to use their talents to make a team successful. 

For more help and information, contact a team assessment consulting company, such as Envision Global Leadership, Inc.