Page by Page: What Style of Rack Card Is Best for You?

23 February 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog


Racks for informational cards and brochures have got to be one of the best advertising inventions of all. And that's not really hyperbole; these simple racks don't take up much space in your office, yet they can hold a lot of information that keeps people browsing. And because there are so many spots for different cards, someone looking for one particular piece of information will also spot other cards that could introduce new services or products that the person might otherwise have not known about. Finding the right style of card, though, is essential because if you use the wrong style, people will find the cards difficult to handle.

Information Space

Just how much information about a product or service is necessary? If there's not much crucial information, a single card printed on both sides may be best. If there's a lot of crucial information, a four-page (two main pages printed on both sides) folded brochure might be fine. But if you use a multipage brochure for information that isn't really necessary, the customer might find the brochure to be too much of a pain to read. The converse is true, too—if you try to cram too much into a small space, that's going to be difficult to digest.


Chances are those rack cards will be folded and tucked in a pocket at some point. A thick brochure is not the best choice if you think your clientele will be folders because those won't fold very flat, and they can crush easily. . Single cards with printing on both sides works best for this audience. If your customers tend to place the cards unfolded in briefcases or portfolios, though, a multipage brochure format would be fine.

Rack Real Estate

Of course, if there isn't much room in the rack, and you need to have as many cards in there as possible, the single page format is best. Multipage brochures would take up too much room in each pocket. If you can, though, get a second rack so that you can spread out the cards and have different styles in the pockets. Remember, these racks are typically not very deep, so they don't take up a lot of floor space.

Rack cards really do help spread the word about your business, a service, or a product. Don't assume that people will just pass those by—customers do notice the cards, and they do take them. Provide the best cards possible for them.