Three Reasons to Have a Pre-Move Garage Sale

10 October 2018
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Planning a move can be exhausting, but having a garage sale before your move can be especially helpful. Whether you need to downsize to move into a smaller home or you want to earn some extra money for your move, a garage sale will provide you with many benefits. Discover some benefits you can expect from a pre-move garage sale.

Reduce Your Moving Costs

Having a garage sale before you move can cut down on your moving costs. First, you need packing supplies in order to pack up all your belongings. The more belongings you need to move, the more moving boxes, tape, labels, and other supplies that you have to buy. 

Second, professional movers typically base their fees on the weight of the load they move or the number of hours they spend completing the job. When you have a garage sale, you have an opportunity to get rid of many of the items that you no longer need or want. Getting rid of these items will lessen the amount of stuff you need to have moved, which will in turn lessen the costs you have to pay. 

Make the Move-In Easier

When you move, both packing and unpacking are stressful; moving out of your existing home is hard work and then settling into your new home takes just as much effort. A garage sale can make your move-in easier because you have an opportunity to get rid of many of the items that you don't plan to use in your new house. 

Once you move-in, you'll have less stuff to go through, which will make the unpacking process easier. To prepare for the sale, make an inventory of each room with two different sections: keep and sell. 

Get an Edge on the Decluttering Process

A drawer full of items you don't use on a regular basis—or don't even know exist—is typical. However, the problem is that some people have several drawers and closets that fit these criteria. Before you can even begin the packing process, you have to declutter, which will only increase the amount of time it takes for your move. 

A garage sale gives you an opportunity to get a head start on the decluttering process becuase you'll be forced to go through your belongings before moving day.

Once you've had a successful garage sale and you're ready to move, contact a moving company. A moving professional can efficiently and safely move you from your old home into your new one.