Why Your Law Office Should Make Use of a Transcription Service

14 October 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you are an attorney or if you otherwise run or work in a law office, then you should know when it's a good idea to look for outside help. For example, making use of a transcription service might be very helpful for your law office for the reasons below and more.

Send Transcriptions to Your Clients

There might be times when your clients will want to receive transcriptions. After a hearing, a client might want to be able to look over everything that was said and done during the hearing. Your client might want more information about what was said during an interview, phone call, or other communication that might relate to their case.

If you work with a transcription service, then you can easily send over a copy of the transcription to your client. This can be a good way to keep your clients informed about everything that is going on with their case, which is something that they are sure to appreciate. You might also find that you won't have to spend as much time answering questions and talking to clients about their cases once you start sending over transcriptions that were transcribed by a transcription service.

Keep Transcriptions on File

You might like to keep as much information on file as possible about the previous cases that your law firm has worked on. If you work with a transcription service, then you can easily keep the transcriptions that they create on file in your office or on the cloud. Then, if you need to refer to some of the work that you did in the past at some point or another, you can easily do so.

Make Working on Cases Easier

In some cases, you or the attorneys who work in your law office might have to deal with material from a video or recording when working on a case. Having to listen to a recovering or video over and over again can be incredibly time-consuming and distracting, and it can get in the way of getting things done with the case. If you use a transcription service, you can ensure that the dialogue from recordings and videos is on paper. Then, you might find that it's a whole lot easier for you to work on cases for your clients.

Save Money on Manpower

Of course, you don't necessarily have to use an outsourced transcription service to do the things above. However, you can reduce manpower and costs—and ensure that your hardworking employees don't have too much to do—by using a transcription service instead of handling transcription work in-house.

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