The Benefits of Using Double Sided Vinyl Blockout Banners for Your Signage

10 June 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog


Are you looking to put up a banner or two to advertise a big sale or an important event? Would you like to make sure your sign or banner is double-sided or that it can convey information from multiple directions? If so, your best option might be to look into a double-sided vinyl banner that makes use of blockout banner material to help you print on both sides. Here's how this particular type of banner might be the right choice for your business or event.

Offer Two Different Messages on Two Different Sides

The way a typical double-sided vinyl banner works is that it has what is typically referred to as blockout media, or blockout banner material, inserted into the middle of the sign. This all-black material then allows for vinyl to be placed on each side without the message showing through on the opposite side. 

Blockout media allows you to print two completely unique signs on each side of the banner, complete with different types of colors, inks, printing techniques, or any other adjustments you desire. Just as an example, you could print out double-sided banners for a convention in which you "Welcome" the visitors as they enter the building and then print something like "See You Next Year" on the other side, which they will see as they are walking back out.

Vinyl Banners Hold Up In Almost Any Environment

Double-sided vinyl is ideal for any sign that is going outdoors or anywhere else where the sign might be subject to harsh conditions from time to time. Vinyl holds up well even in the rain and is also strong enough to handle a bit of wind after it has been properly secured. If you are trying to put up banners outside a convention center, for example, but it's going to be raining in your area the entire weekend, you will want a sign that can continue to convey your message to people as they walk to or from the convention center regardless of what Mother Nature is doing.

Vinyl is Lightweight and Easy to Roll Up or Store

Are you creating banners or signs that you would like to re-use for a future sale or a future event? Vinyl is strong enough to stand up to the elements but also light enough that it can be easily rolled up and put into storage until next year without being a hassle for your employees to move around.