Same Day Dentures? Yes Please!

5 November 2021
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If you need dentures, you may want to talk to your dentist about getting same-day dentures instead of conventional dentures. There are many perks to getting same-day or immediate dentures instead of waiting the days or weeks that may be required for conventional dentures. If you are interested, then read on to learn about some of these advantages.

1. Get New Teeth Immediately

After you have had your teeth extracted and your dental mold created, most dentists will send you home without teeth so that your conventional dentures can be created. Conventional dentures can take several days or even weeks to be created. Unfortunately, if you are still working, or are often around people outside of your regular family, the days that you go without teeth can be extremely embarrassing. On the other hand, same-day dentures allow you to leave the office with good-looking teeth- so most people will not even notice that you had dental work done. Instead of waiting with an empty mouth, bring dentures home with you the same day of your extractions. 

2. Heal As You Learn

Same-day dentures are actually a dental tool used to help your mouth heal after extractions. They can help any bleeding to subside quickly, while you have the dental support required to speak and eat. Learning to speak and eat with your new teeth may be a challenge that requires some time, though same-day dentures allow you to begin learning immediately. Instead of waiting until your conventional dentures arrive, you can practice new skills upon leaving the dental office. 

3. Easy Adjustments

Your mouth will change after you have teeth extracted. Over time your immediate dentures may not fit like they did the day of your extractions. Fortunately, since same-day dentures were created so quickly, additional immediate dentures can also be procured in a timely manner. This allows you to always have great fitting dentures available, instead of having to wait for days and weeks on end every time you need an adjustment. 

If you do not have time to wait for conventional dentures, talk to your dentist about same-day dentures. Same-day dentures will allow your mouth to heal from extractions while you learn to talk and eat with new teeth. Additionally, you will not need to go around without teeth, since that can sometimes be embarrassing. Talk to your dental professional about immediate dentures at your next extraction visit.