Virtual Office Packages

27 May 2022
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If your remote business has grown in the last year, you may be ready to expand your services. Acquiring a virtual office will grant you permission to provide your clients with a business address and phone number. Learn how a virtual office membership could provide you with many of the features that a true brick-and-mortar office would.

Mail Interception And Receptionist Help

A virtual office is owned by a parent company. You will essentially be acquiring the right to use a physical address, without needing to visit this address in person. A virtual office package may include mail forwarding and receptionist services. Any business mail that is sent to your virtual office will be intercepted and forwarded to your home address. Virtual office addresses are located within the United States and within some foreign countries.

Upon choosing a company to work with, you can select your office plan. Many plans include the assistance of a receptionist. You will be responsible for setting up a phone number through the parent company. This number will be the one that you can assign your clients to call. A virtual receptionist will answer your calls during business hours. You can request that a receptionist intercepts calls after hours or on weekends too.

A receptionist can be assigned to keep track of your appointments or to make contact with your clients. Having access to a receptionist could be the solution you have been looking for. Instead of being bombarded with calls, you can focus on keeping your business responsibilities in order. Your receptionist can be directed to make contact with you at the times that you outline for them.

Space Within A Physical Building

Some virtual office plans include access to a real building. A parent company that rents out virtual office space may own a physical building that contains multiple offices, boardrooms, and a reception area. This building may be one that you will be provided access to. Coworking areas, private offices, and group boardrooms can be used for a variety of office tasks that you cannot handle from your residence.

If you decide to take on a large project that is affiliated with your business, you may need extra space to conduct each step of the project. Review the virtual office packages that are available and select one that will grant you access to a physical building. An overview of each virtual office package will include any fees that you will need to pay, in order to reserve virtual and physical office space.

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