What Happens During A Blackmail Consultation With A Lawyer?

21 July 2022
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If you have experienced the stress and trauma of blackmail, then you understand how trapped you can feel throughout the process. While you may not turn directly to family and friends, a lawyer provides one of your best options for the process. Before a case moves forward, a lawyer will typically hold a blackmail consultation to go over the case. 

The consultation process includes many steps. Learn what to expect and how to help the whole consultation go smoothly without any delays.

The Timeline

Blackmail often includes a sense of urgency or deadline demanded by the person who blackmails you. A lawyer will want to know the full timeline of events. Full honesty and transparency are important in the scenario. A lawyer is not there to judge you and any information you provide to them will remain confidential.

A timeline is essential to know when contact first began, what the blackmailer holds over your head, and how they received the information or media. With a timeline built, a lawyer can break down your case and help scope out a proper solution.

In some cases, urgency is needed to prevent the release of information or media, like compromising pictures. If a lawyer senses urgency, then they will move fast to work on legal efforts and personal protection needs.

Evidence & Saved Contacts

Evidence serves as a key part of a blackmail case. A lawyer will need any proof you have of blackmail efforts. The blackmail may come in the form of social media threats online, through your email, or through text messages. You could also have recorded phone calls and other media that capture the blackmail process.

If possible, you want to prove the identity of the person who has tried to blackmail you. A confirmed contact will make it easy for a lawyer to issue demand letters, file lawsuits, or reach out to press charges. 

State Laws & Information

Every state has different laws when it comes to blackmail. In many states, the laws are listed under extortion. A lawyer will want to know what state you live in and where your blackmailer lives. A lawyer may seek charges in specific states based on location. In an online world, charges can become complicated and location offers a lot of importance.

Case Options

Toward the end of a consultation, a lawyer will present you with options. The options will help you decide the best way to move forward with a case and help ensure the blackmail efforts are stopped while your future remains protected.

In most cases, a consultation is free. Contact a lawyer, such as Frank Ahearn, to learn more and set up an appointment.