5 Signs of a Problematic Water Filtration System

16 November 2022
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Like any mechanical system, water filtration systems develop problems after long periods of operation. You may predispose your family to contaminants if you don't find a prompt solution to this issue. The good part is that water filtration systems warn of underlying malfunctions. Below are five such indicators to look out for.

1. Metallic Taste

Water filtration systems have fiber screens, fabric, or ceramics that remove contaminants and enhance the taste. So, your water filtration system should reduce the amount of magnesium, calcium, lead, and cysts in your water. If you notice a metallic taste, your filters could be clogged or broken.

2. Slow Filtration

A declined filtration speed could be due to bacteria or sediment buildup, which clogs the aerator. Because aerators remove contaminants, a clog compromises the free flow of water into your faucets. Also, as the filtration process slows, water pressure builds up and could cause your plumbing pipes to burst. You'll need a clean-up or changeover to solve the issue and prevent a bigger problem.

3. Low Water Pressure

One of the probable causes of low water pressure in your taps or faucets is a clogged water filter. Salt and minerals could clog your system when you use the same filter for an extended time. The layer restricts water in the pipe and makes the water flow at a lower pressure. You could install a pressure gauge, but if the problem persists, a replacement could solve the issue.

4. Black Mold in Your Water

Molds feed and grow in your water lines if the pipes are rich in oxygen and have traces of mold spores. When you see black mold in your taps, your water filters are faulty. You may need to replace the defective filters or the whole water filtration system. Otherwise, the fungus could harm your family's health. A thorough clean-up of your pipes also prevents a recurrence.

5. Water Filter Indicator

Many modern water filtration systems have indicator lights that tell you when something is wrong. The different colors tell you what changes your system needs. For instance, a red light means the filters need a replacement. So, you can point out and resolve a problem or call a home water purification solutions expert to perform the necessary changes based on the indicator.

Most water filtration systems have a long lifespan, but you must change the filters from time to time. Clean filters can help you avoid some of the problems mentioned above. Then, when you notice other issues that call for home water purification solutions, don't hesitate to contact a technician. That way, you keep your health and plumbing fixtures safe from avoidable harm.