Fire Door Gap Fillers: Does Your Building Need Them?

23 June 2023
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If maintaining a safe building is a top priority to you, then look into fire door gap fillers soon. Fire doors protect your building and its occupants during unexpected emergencies. But if the gaps between your fire doors and floors are too wide, smoke, heat, and fire can use them to travel throughout your building. Learn more about fire door gap fillers and how you can obtain them below.

How Do Fire Door Gap Fillers Work?

Fire doors are some of the most important components in a building's fire protection system. Properly maintained fire doors can slow down, or even help eliminate, fires before they get worse. However, fire doors contain a gap between them and the floor. If the gap is too wide, they can reduce the doors' protective features.

There should be a 3/4-inch linear, or horizontal, gap between the fire door and the floor. The perimeter, or the vertical sides and top, of the door should be no greater than 1/8 inches wide. The measurements allow the door to safely swing outward and inward without becoming stuck during emergencies. Certain things can increase the spaces or gaps around the door, including wear and tear and old age. 

Large gaps can allow smoke and heat to escape into the building during a fire. The air seeping through the gaps can also increase the size and intensity of a fire in a short amount of time. If the gaps around your fire doors increased with time, order fire gap fillers now. 

How Do You Obtain Fillers for Your Doors?

The first thing to do is contact a fire prevention and supply company and request information about their gap-filling products. Although you can find gap fillers online, you want to ensure the products you purchase fit your doors properly. The fillers must fit the perimeter of your doors without issue. If the fillers are too large, too long, or too thick, they can hinder the doors' ability to swing open and close during emergencies. 

A company will ask you to obtain measurements of the gaps around your doors. You can use a gap-measuring tool to do so. Be sure to record the measurements on a piece of paper. The measurements allow you to find fillers that accurately fit your doors. 

After you submit the measurements for your fillers, a company will assist you with the order and purchase.

Learn more about fire door gap fillers by consulting a fire prevention and supply company today.