How To Print A Brand Logo On Any Object

31 March 2023
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Printing is a technology that exists primarily to print ink on paper for documents and other media. However, printing doesn't have to be limited to paper. With UV printers, you can print on anything and create branded products that can be used to improve brand recognition. There is no limit to what you can print.

Print on Any Surface

It's becoming more common for printers to print on other surfaces, such as phone cases, diaries, wallets, and more. However, you'll need to use a particular printer known as a UV flatbed printer.

UV Printers Vs Older Types

With a conventional printer, the paper moves through a series of rollers that print ink onto the medium. However, this is not practical for a physical object because the object cannot be moved as easily as a piece of paper. Therefore, a UV flatbed printer must function differently to print directly on a physical object.

With a UV flatbed printer, the inkjet moves instead. As it moves across the surface, it releases ink and paints the image stored on your computer. The object doesn't move because it is held in place by vacuum suction. As a result, the object will not shift due to vibrations. 

Surfaces You Are Able to Print On

Because the ink can be fired onto any surface, it can be used for various products. For example, you can use a UV flatbed printer to create branded merchandise where your logo is printed onto a surface.

Print at a High Resolution

UV printers can apply ink to any surface because the UV lamp dries the ink and causes it to stick correctly. The image can be at a much higher resolution than what could be achieved by other methods, such as a laser printer. For a laser printer to print at a high resolution, it must be printed on special paper, and the tone cannot adhere to textured papers.

There are many surprising things you can print on using a UV printer. For example, you could print detailed information on a circuit board. You could print on an object that would be challenging to print on in the past, such as a keychain or a Rubik's cube. Printing on unusual objects allows you to create branded products to sell to your customers. You will then be able to sell products that appeal to your customers and help improve brand recognition.

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